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    Five star paper industry: force out hero of mu yield

            Editor's note: since the eighteenth congress to xi jinping, comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee about the economic situation has made the economic growth rate shift stages, throes of structural adjustment and the stimulus digestion phase of "three periods of superposition" important judgment, put forward economic development into the new normal, from the high-speed growth to high-speed growth, the optimization of economic structure, from the factors driving, investment-driven to innovation-driven. So, in front of the inflection point of economic development and industrial structure adjustment, how does quzhou perform, what new highlights are presented in the process of practice, and what practical guiding significance do these new highlights have? Starting from today, our newspaper will launch a series of reports on "new normal and new highlights" to fully display our city's splendid performance, so as to build consensus, build confidence, seize opportunities and accelerate development.


    "Our per-mu yield hero is completely driven by the market." June 10, the reporter came to the zhejiang five star paper industry co., LTD., located in the donggang development zone, in a slightly crowded workshop on the second floor, the chief engineer shi zhongshou proudly said that five star paper industry design annual output of 30,000 tons, this year is expected to yield 180,000 tons, tax will be paid up to 28 million yuan. The production capacity increased by 6 times, the per-mu yield tax increased by more than 9 times from 30,000 yuan at the beginning to 282,100 yuan in 2014, and the plant did not increase by one square meter. Five-star paper industry became a famous hero of per-mu yield in the development zone.

    Five star paper industry mainly produces convenient barrel, paper cup "barrel paper". By 2014, its products have accounted for more than 85% of the national sales volume, because it has been leading its peers in cost performance.

    The customer order that refreshes every year, a few times force 5 star paper industry into predicament.

    The first time was in 2009, when the annual order reached 50,000 tons, the designed annual capacity of the production line was only 30,000 tons.

    "The last new production line needs to add 30 mu of land, but the factory is surrounded by enterprises, and there is no land to build factories." In desperation, had to reluctantly tear down the small production line, introduced 90,000 tons of new production line.

    But by the end of 2012, the new production line could not meet orders. One to the peak season, there are customers waiting for goods, the company often for who to send the first headache.

    "You can only increase production if you speed up the production line. As soon as you speed up, the production line is prone to problems." 'the production line is designed to rotate at 350 meters per minute,' Mr. Shi said. Speed break the dynamic balance of the production line, parts and components are particularly vulnerable to damage, to stop the replacement every three times. When there are no spare parts, we have to wait for delivery from hangzhou.

    "From the end of 2012 to the end of 2014, we studied the production line almost every day, studying how to speed up and increase production capacity." After consulting, spent more than 10 million yuan, the paper pressing parts into all imported equipment, slightly improved after the installation of the production line. This reduces the moisture content of the pressed paper and increases its tensile strength, increasing the speed to 500 meters without breaking the paper. Later, the critical load point of the equipment replacement, or redesign, the stability of the production line to enhance a lot. Now, and strengthen the introduction of advanced integration zero parts, improve the level of intelligent production line......

    Five star paper has added the equivalent of five new production lines in 12 years, but has only added about 50 workers. Production capacity has been improved, unit product cost has been diluted, and market competitiveness has been greatly enhanced.

    "Speed up and increase production is nearly the limit, from the future to optimize the order structure, increase the density of equipment, in the extension of the industrial chain to enhance the added value of ideas. Last year, five star paper industry added 9 drenching machines, which can process 80,000 tons of paper annually. This year it plans to squeeze in a few more presses, slicers and other equipment. In this way, five star paper can not only provide customers with raw materials, but also provide semi-finished products. Not only extended the industrial chain, but also occupied part of the semi-finished market, per mu yield tax will also rise.

    [background link]

    "Per mu yield tax" is obtained by dividing the actual tax paid by the enterprise in that year by the actual land area of the enterprise. In order to guide enterprises to use land economically and intensively, promote enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading, promote high-end industrial development, and increase tax contribution of unit land. Since 2012, the city in the mayor of the special award, industrial enterprises on the steps of the award and outstanding contribution to the award, the addition of "manufacturing enterprises per mu yield tax contribution award." In that year, the actual payment of various taxes reached more than 2 million yuan, the growth rate reached more than 5%, per mu yield tax reached more than 100,000 yuan (adjusted to more than 150,000 yuan in 2014) enterprises can participate in the evaluation. At present, the average per-mu yield tax of the productive enterprises in the development zone of our city is about 100,000 yuan.

    Reporter marks and zhejiang Ming wang zhen 】 dairy co., LTD., zhejiang qu fluorine chemical co., LTD., a mountain group compared to the tax over millions per mu star enterprise, the five-star paper is only a rookie, but more than a decade, the five-star paper constantly excavate potential, it does not increase one square metre, workshop capacity increased six times, tax increase nine times per mu. I hope that all the enterprises in our city can be like five-star paper industry, not simply increase the number, expand the scale, expand the space, but to walk out of an extension from the extension of the expansion of development to the connotation of development and transformation of the scientific road.

    (Maori xia, editor of quzhou daily)

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